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a Friends of Glenrose note

Friends takes off!

Finally, after a couple of years reorganizing and getting our act together, Friend sis back in the business of really supporting needed patient care and comfort projects at the Glenrose. 

At its last board meeting, Friends took on some donation requests and committed funds towards their success.

1. First off, we finalized  a donation of $8000 towards drums for its Drumming Circle, a project coordinated by Wilson Miranda, GRH Spiritual Care Lead.

2. Then, the board approved a donation of $700 to the Language and Speech Services for the Hearing Impaired program to underwrite the purchase of books for toddlers and for older kids, and children’s toys.

3. Next, the board committed $450 for a Peg Perego Tatamia High Chair, which is designed to be adjusted to patients needs and growth.

4. The board approved $1175 towards a Smirthwaite Juni Chair (Size 3), an adjustable chair that is designed to “promote better posture” in children.

5. The big one is $40,000 a year for the next three years to s support  the Glenrose Rehabilitation Research, Innovation, and Technology Hub (GRRIT).  This arms-length group is a hub that “develop innovative ideas into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for people with physical and cognitive impairment in both the clinical and community environments”.  

Dr. Gary Faulkner, Director of GRRIT and Rehabilitation Research and Technology Development, has asked the FOG to donate general funding seed funds to GRRIT to support the program while they apply for federal grants

In order to get government funding, GRRIT needs to show that they can get funding from non- governmental sources.

Upcoming requests

Examples of projects that have asked for funding is specialized 3D videos to help people with depression.
We also have an upcoming request from Northern Alberta Neonatal Program – Neonatal Video Funding

It wants to make a video outlining what to expect when families arrive at NICU. The program is asking for $22,500 for the production costs of the video.

The request is currently being reviewed by the hospital.

In other news

* Friends library sales are up, and it is accepting periodicals and magazines, as well as children’s books

* Friends is earning higher interest income because of our earnings

* Donations of $5,000 is for the Foundation’s Circle of Courage

* The Pull Ticket Account is sitting at  about $12,000 to $13,000. These funds will used to cover our Pet Therapy puppies and our warming blankets.  The Oilers Foundation declined our request to be involved again this year.  We are grateful for the support they gave us in the past two years.


Sandie Mason, Project Coordinator, and Sharon Slocombe, Director-at-large, have gone through list for volunteers  which needs to be in to AGLCC 60 days before the casino, December 31 & January 1.

We still need more volunteers – those interested should contact Sandie at or (780) 217-5636) or Sharon at or (780) 454-1701.

Sandie is meeting with casino advisors within the next couple of weeks

Action Items:


The GRH Volunteer Coordinator will be recruiting for volunteers for the cart. More volunteers need to be recruited.


Sandie suggested that we highlight the vendors in newsletters (FOGhorn or GRH staff newsletters) and on social media/website.

She will look into getting a small bio from each vendor about what they sell and who they are to add highlights in monthly vendor calendar and other communication opportunities


Friends will investigate where we can add new vendor news, library news, corner store sales, hair salon messages to GRH staff newsletters, and to make everything consistent and widespread, to ensure everyone is in the loop about things done by FOG.

Visit our website at and tell us what you think.

Supporting patient care and comfort since 1964”

mailing address:

Friends of Glenrose Association

J.M. Krupp, President | 10230 111 Avenue NW | Edmonton, AB T5G 0B7

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